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How to buy Windows Server 2022 Standard Key?

Thứ hai - 09/01/2023 02:01
Microsoft has announced Windows Server 2022 is coming in the near future with many security improvements, extended support for 10 years. This will be the version of the operating system that many individuals and businesses are "hunted" for by impressive security changes, typically the Secured-core core. Buy Windows Server 2022 license key  early, you will receive many incentives on price as well as good warranty policy.

Overview of copyrighted Windows Server 2022

The official release of Windows Server 2022 is the Long-term Servicing Channel version, which includes 5 years of circulation and subsequent 5 years of extended support. Upgraded from Windows Server 2019 , Windows Server 2022 is integrated with multi-layered security features. The Server 2022 edition is capable of incorporating Azure, providing a flexible environment for application modernization

In the context of technology development, information security becomes a paramount issue for businesses. Security threats and the impact of incident escalations are increasing day by day. Windows Server 2022 operating system was launched to become the best solution for users in the process of information security protection, focusing on strengthening protection of many layers, core parts as well as other types of connections.

Where to buy cheap license Windows Server 2022 key?

Only when using the Windows Server 2022 active key , can users experience all the best management and security features that Microsoft has to offer. Moreover, when buying a genuine key at Buffcom.Net , users will have the right to use the full-featured Windows Server 2022 operating system at a much more economical price.

Not only receive the benefit of using genuine products at a cheap price, users are also guided on how to install the new operating system version from AZ, and receive a long-term warranty policy. Moreover, when using a genuine Windows Server 2022 active key , you will not need to worry about security factors or legal issues.

Security features on copyrighted Windows Server 2022

Security is what all versions of Windows Server are focused on, including Windows Server 2022 . Windows Server 2022's multi-layer security is reflected in two main features: secure-core server and secure connection.

Secure Core Server

This is the first time a secured-core PC has been applied to the Windows Server operating system . The secure core server is considered the leading solution to help businesses overcome firmware vulnerabilities - a dilemma when external "enemies" can abuse the vulnerability, bypassing Windows Secure Boot. In addition, driver security errors and many other issues related to the security level management function will also be resolved.

In Windows Server 2022 release, secure core servers support secure boot without the attack of firmware vulnerabilities and other agents, prevent unauthorized access, protect personal information, user and domain information.

Secure connection

A secure connection is an important and extremely important issue in the server, especially when the situation of network attacks is covering the Internet today. To ensure that the server is established with a secure connection, Windows Server 2022 includes the following features:
  • By default, HTTPS and TLS 1.3 are enabled. This feature creates a communication channel between the two end points through data encryption. As a result, client data connecting to the server is completely secure with the support of the latest security algorithms.
  • Secure DNS. This is another feature that enhances a secure connection to ensure that traffic is private and avoids the risk of eavesdropping.
  • AES-256-GCM and AES-256-CCM cipher suite. This cipher suite has a stronger encryption level to resist outside vandals.
  • SMB over QUIC in addition to TLS 1.3. Ensure users as well as applications are granted access to data from edge file servers securely.

Other Features of Windows Server 2022

Combine Azure

Users can use Azure more efficiently than before with management features:
  • Azure Arc support. When the hybrid machine is connected to Azure, it will be treated as a resource object in Azure.
  • Hotpatch, part of Azure Automation. This is a useful new solution for users to set up updates on a VM, which does not require a reboot after completing the installation.
  • Upgraded admin center.

Nested virtualization

Currently, Windows Server 2022 has built-in nested virtualization capabilities through AMD processors, allowing Hyper-V to be applied in VMs. In addition, this feature also provides users with many other hardware options.

Application Platform

Containers in Windows Server 2022 are improved and upgraded quite a lot. The most prominent of which is a 40% reduction in container size, whereby startup speed as well as overall performance are improved.
Users can now run applications that depend on Azure Lively Listing without requiring a domain to join a host. Besides, Windows Server contains support for MSMQ's MSDTC now.

Windows Server 2022 support configuration

Hard Drive: 32GB
TPM: Deployment from version 2.0
RAM: 512MB for the regular version, 2GB for the server option with Desktop Experience.
Processor: 1,4GHz, 64-bit


With the above significant improvements, especially with the first appearance of the Secured-core security core,  the cheap license Windows Server 2022 key will definitely be the operating system solution that you should consider. If you want to get more detailed advice about Windows Server 2022, don't hesitate to contact Buffcom.net - a unit that specializes in providing cheap, copyrighted Windows keys with a good warranty policy!

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